A GIANT Thank You to Nurses Out There

In the past we have thanked some of our doctors for all they have done for us.  These doctors have given us our ribbons, stood by us, and treat us like human beings.  Now, we want to thank more individuals who have changed our lives.  We have spent the past week and weekend in the hospital surrounded by amazing nurses. Tremors was in over the weekend for a scheduled infusion. Nemo was in and out of the ER this weekend, and is still in the hospital. Without nurses, we would not be able to survive our times in the hospital for sure. This is a GIANT thank you to our nurses.  These individuals are the ones who are always there for us, and always seem to know the right thing to do.

Thank you,

Thank you for becoming a nurse, because I honestly do not know what I would do without you.  You do more than check vitals and give out medications.  You are the one who is constantly in and out of the room.  You are the one who is making conversation and seeing if I am truly okay.  Thank you for the small talk.  Even though you may have come into my room to do a vitals check, you end up telling me about your all time favorite movie.  You end up helping me with my work, you listen to my problems, and offer advice.  While telling stories you take out your phone and show pictures of your family.  Thank you for showing me vacation pictures, treating me as a family member, or friend instead of a person in a hospital bed.  Being a frequent flier, I look forward to our talks.  

Thank you for standing up for me.  You are the one who knows me better than the doctors and other specialists in this place.  You are always in my corner, even when I think that I am all alone.  You always are the one I can count on to have my back, and I trust that you know what is best for me.  

Thank you for sticking around, even when I am annoying.  I know my machines go off constantly.  (Tremors: IV air bubbles and Nemo: heart monitor)  You are always there to help, and know what to do.  You are the one that helps to sneak me out of the room when I am bored, or give me the latest gossip.  You acknowledge that I am watching the same movie on repeat, but do not judge (at least not to my face).

Together we want to thank all of the doctors in our lives that have made a lasting impact.  We say thank you to our favorite nurses (you know who you are).  Thank you for being someone that we can trust and count on.  Even though you may never see this letter, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us.  While you think that you are simply doing your job, in reality you are doing so much more, you are helping to change our lives for the better.  Thank you for being the true heroes of the hospital.   

-Nemo and Tremors


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